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Evaluate. Rehabilitate. Educate.

Helping your child make great strides for over 15 years, one step at a time.

Why choose us?

Physio Step by Step specializes in pediatric physiotherapy, treating children from birth to 17 years of age. We tailor our therapy to each child’s individual needs and provide services in clinics, at home or in school settings.

A pediatric physiotherapist understands how young bodies move. We help enhance function, movement, strength and motor skills through our customized treatments. As each child responds differently to treatment, we adapt our program to meet their individual needs. 

We are mobile

Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists can easily adapt to your family’s needs. We have several clinics in the Montreal and West Island regions. We provide homecare services to facilitate appointments in familiar environments.

We travel to your home, daycare, and schools to provide treatment at times that are convenient for you. In certain cases, funding may be available.

Let us play a role

We care about your child’s health. We help your children reach their maximum potential with our hands-on, evidence-based therapy. We work together with your family to achieve functional goals using play and creative activities.

See the Difference

All of our therapists have superior communication skills to connect with both the child and their parent. We often collaborate with doctors, caregivers, teachers and educators to ensure your child is well supported in all environments. We use standardized pediatric testing to evaluate motor skills in newborns and school-aged children.